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Why are deposits Non-Refundable?


As puppies get older, they are more difficult to place with potential clients. Clients in the market for a new puppy are generally seeking a young puppy. If we have been holding the puppy for even a short ammount of time, it will be harder place the puppy quickly and at the origionally listed price. Either way you look at the situation, we lose time and money when a client backs out of an agreement, hence the fact that deposits are non-refundable. If circumstances arise that make it impossible for you to purchase the puppy, i.e.- job loss or change, illness, family/marital problems, housing issues, etc., or you decide that you do not want the puppy for any reason you may have the opportunity to apply the deposit toward another puppy at a later date. Here at Hunterson Farms, we try to be flexable, understanding and helpful in all situations.

Our deposit policy is as follows...

To place a hold on a puppy from one of our litters, we require a $500.00 (five hundred dollar) deposit. Inital deposits can be mailed in the form of a personal check, or paid in person in cash. Hunterson Farms does not accept online deposit payments, credit card payments, money orders or cashiers checks. HUNTERSON FARMS CANNOT HOLD ANY PUPPY WITHOUT A DEPOSIT FOR ANY REASON WHATSOEVER!! Once we have reached an agreement and recieve your deposit, your puppy will be held exclusively for you. Deposits to hold a puppy are NON-REFUNDABLE unless a situation arises, making us unable to provide you with a puppy at all. Should a deposit be sent, and we hold a puppy for you longer than 3 (three) days, the deposit becomes non-refundable regardless of any situation surrounding a decision made by the client to forfeit the agreement. This deposit  may be applied to the purchase of another puppy  from another litter within 12 months of when the deposit was recieved, should you choose to do so.


The deposit is applied to the purchase price of the puppy. If the client opts to pick up the puppy in person the final payment may be made in cash at the time of pick up. All puppies set for delivery must be paid in full (as well as any applicable delivery costs) no later than 10 days prior to delivery of the puppy. The final payment must be recieved in full by us no later than 10 days prior to the delivery date. Therefore, the client must take into consideration mailing time to ensure that the final payment is recieved on time prior to the 10 day window before the agreed uopn delivery date. This 10 day window ensures that all arangements can be made to deliver your new puppy safe and sound on the agreed date. Delivery cost is $500.00 (five hundred dollars) and includes all travel costs, a certificate of vaccinations and AKC official ownership registration form. The delivery fee is in addition to the cost of your new puppy. WE ONLY DELIVER PUPPIES VIA HUNTERSON FARMS QUALIFIED PET CONCIERGE BY WAY OF VEHICLE! HUNTERSON FARMS REFUSES TO PLACE ANY OF OUR PUPPIES ON A BOAT OR PLANE DUE TO THE POSSIBLE NEGATIVE MENTAL REPURCUSSIONS THE DOG MAY SUFFER DURING "SHIPPING"!!


At the end of the day, let us not forget our primary purpose as responsible breeders. While we go above and beyond to ensure the physical heath of all our dogs, we put strong emphasis and focus on their mental health and well being.  IT'S ALL ABOUT THE HOUNDS, FOLKS!!

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