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Delivery information:

Hunterson Farms offers all our clients home delivery of your new puppy for your convienience, and are unable to pick up your puppy in person. The cost of our personal delivery service is $750.00, covers all tranportation costs, the expense of your own Hunterson Farms pet concierge, certificate of vaccinations and AKC official owner registration form. This is a crucial stage in a young hound's mental development and we go to any and all lengths to ensure your puppy's travel is a calm, comforting experience as to not adversely affect the puppy's mental well being in any way. A hound's mental well being and development is our top priority and should be yours as a responsible owner as well. This reason alone is why it is our strict policy to NEVER treat our puppies like packages and place them on a boat or plane for means of "shipping" them to new owners. Trust us when we say that you and your new puppy alike will thank us in the long run for paying such close attention to even the seemingly minute details of the delivery process. We mean every word when we say, "with love from our home to yours".


Health Guarentee:

The way dogs are cared for, the quality of their food, vet care and level of enviornmental stress all affect how healthy they are. We cannot be sure how a puppy is going to be cared for when they leave us - if they will be fed a proper diet, taken to the vet to recieve preventative care, etc. For these reasons, we do not offer a long term health guarantee. We do guarantee that your new puppy will be healthy, both physically and mentally, upon pick up or delivery and current on all vaccinations, de-worming and vet care. You can rest assured that your puppy is bread from healthy, hereditarily sound stock. we give our hounds the best start possible and then it is up to you to make sure your puppy recieves the best care and diet to ensure a long, healthy life.


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